Super Easy Hiking Trail with beautiful scenery

If you’re inexperienced at hiking but looking to enjoy a waterfall, a temple and beautiful scenery, Yinhe Cave Hiking Trail is a good option.

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Yinhe Cave also known as the Silver Stream Cave or Yinhedong which is a famous spot located in Xindian District.




Table of Contents

1 How To Get There
1.1. By MRT – Bus
1.2. By Car or Scooter
1.3. By Taxi
2 Yinhe Cave Hiking Trail
3 The Best Photo Spots
4 Leaving By Bus

How To Get There

Location details –

several ways to get there depending on how you come. – see Strawberry mnt.


By MRT – Bus

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Taking MRT to the Xindian Station(green line) and then take the GR12 bus to Yinhedong.

When you get off the bus, continuing to walk up the road, you will see the Yinhe Cave Cross-Ridge Trail sign and Buddha statue on your left side, then cross the road to walk in Yin-he Rd.. It takes about 20-25 mins to get to the start of the trail. It’s a good way to warm up before hiking.

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By Car or Scooter


Google the address:
No. 68, Yinhe Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City, 231
Chinese: 新北市新店區銀河路68號(新店銀河仙境福德祠)

You can park along the road near Fude Temple, however it could be hard for car to park near Fude Temple in the weekends. If it’s full, you can park your car near Lingshan Mazu Temple(新店靈山媽祖廟).
Address: 86-1, Yinhe Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City, 231

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By Taxi


You also could take a taxi from MRT Xindian Station which is closest MRT station and show this to the driver: 銀河洞越嶺步道登山口, then you can begin from the trail starting point.

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Yinhe Cave Hiking Trail

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We started from Fude Temple, follow the sign pointed, you’ll see hiking trail entrance in few minutes.

Here you go

Pass through a flat short walk, we start to go up. Here is a sign to caution the wet floor especially after heavy rains.

When you’re in the halfway, you can sit on the stone, drink some water and take a break.

We chat with each other and enjoy forest bath, we don’t even feel tired and found that we’re here, then stunning scene came into our view.

Yinhe Cave having an outline that curves inwards on the cliff where Yinhe Cave Waterfall drops at a 90-degree angle from. It’s pity that we didn’t see the majestic waterfall since it didn’t rain for a while, it’s better to visit there after heavy rain for more impressive views.

It takes us 15-20 mins from trail entrance to Yinhe Cave. It’s fairly easy hike which makes an idea place for couples, friends and families. If you would like more of a challenging hike, you can continue on to the Maokong Gondola and take MRT when you leave.

The Best Photo Spots


The well-known photo shooting angle is to stand on a platform protruding from the temple, where the waterfall and cliffs are connected in a line and seems just next to you.

However, we went there in the weekend, it takes us 10 mins to wait for the photo shooting.

The small temple built on the cliff to worship the Lu Dongbin (呂洞賓), one of the Eight Immortals. You will find octagon window which it’s another photo spot, you can see Xindian views trough the window. It gives you an extraordinarily beautiful but hidden view.

Pass through the temple, you’ll find the others idea photo spots, you can see the full extent.

When you stopped at behind the waterfall, it pours down and spouts beautiful splashes.

Leaving By Bus


If you’re leaving Yinhe Cave by bus, then backtrack to the bus stop, but remember that it’s on the other side of the bus stop which you came.

It’s a pretty decent steamed dumpling restaurant that we often visit when we’re in the area. – I recommend it to everyone!

Worth visiting?


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English address: Start

Chinese address: Start

Closest MRT: Start

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